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Type of Property - 5 Bedroom Detached Bungalow

Area - 4,000sqFT

Contract Value - Classified

Client - Private Individual

Contractor - TBC

Date - 2020

The stunning countryside site is on Chick Hill in Pett Levels. The site which is next to the the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty to the North it overlooks the rolling hills and to the South it overlooks the English Channels.

The brief from the client required a certain footprint area, this is split between two simple forms, a day building at the South (containing the living, dining and kitchen) and a night building (containing the bedrooms) to the North, this is partially dug into the hillside

The two parts are connected with an entrance route and glazed link with views out towards the garden. The buildings are slid along the east/west axis to form a shielded entrance space and open up the master suite to the view towards the sea.

The mass of the building will still appear to be a single storey, with a small lower ground floor underneath the new building and half buried into the hillside. This will give the appearance of still being a bungalow from all viewpoints around the site. The steeper roof pitch aids with the water runoff in the heavy seaside weather, and also increases the amount of space and light in what is a simple single storey main building.

The use of dark timber cladding, zinc roof and dark heavily textured and patterned brickwork demonstrates a respect for the local vernacular that does not have any visual impact on the wider views and local context. The facade is peppered with weather proof dark grey aluminium glazing offering framed unobstructed views of the glorious English countryside and coast.


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