Printmakers Place

  • Renovations


Type of Property - 3 Bedroom Bungalow

Area - 1,800sqFT

Contract Value - £450,000.00

Client - Private Individual

Contractor - Greenbuild

Date - 2019

What was a non-descript 1970's brick bungalow has been radically transformed into a dynamic contemporary home as well as an artists's studio. The house has been designed around 2 wings housing the master and ancillary bedrooms and studio. At its centre is a large open plan social kitchen and dining which opens out to the garden.

The inspiration of the house has come from properties our clients had visited while in New Zealand where there is an emphasis on simple yet dynamic forms creating functional architecture.

The design utilises slim framed glass walls which slide seamlessly into pockets allowing us to completely open the indoor living with the outdoor. The roof form is a series of vaulted angled plains which are finished in copper cladding and tiles. Internally this creates tall almost cathedral spaces to some of the main living areas finished in a cool white paint to showcase the various artwork, created by our client. The material pallet internally is also kept pared back with concrete flooring throughout and flush white doors.

Access to the studio is by way of a long corridor which is punctuated on one side by a series of architectural slot windows, allowing for beams of light to penetrate through the hallway. In the master bedroom we have introduced a pivot window to allow for maximum visual connection to the garden.

The end result is a truly bespoke home full of bright light and dynamic spaces which open to the outside as much as possible, with carefully framed views out to key trees in the gardens front and back.


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