Seaview House

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  • Interiors


Type of Property - 6 Bedroom Detached Residence

Area - 4,500 sqFT

Contract Value - 0.8m

Client - Private Client

Contractor - DBK Construction

Date - 2017

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This house makes the most of its spectacular setting perched high up on the side of a hill overlooking the River Dee estuary and the North Wales countryside beyond.

Care has been placed to ensuring the front drive and access to the house hides the views which are only revealed once you enter through the small front door to be presented with a picture perfect framed view of nature at the end of the entrance hallway.

The house then presents its stunning setting to all the main reception rooms with expansive views out. The wonderful aspect of the house is that the views out are just as interesting during a storm in a cold winters day as it is during a stunning sunset in the summer.
Extensive use of glass has transformed what was an inward focussed house, with plenty of engagement to the outside. Externally we have utilized a mixture of contemporary materials to sit alongside the traditional building form.

The house is split into formal and informal accommodation and features include the retention of an original fireplace which once belonged to the captain of the Titanic. Other features include lowered levels to the kitchen which allows for taller wraparound glass doors to make the most of the inside / outside design. The space is filled with design features including the contemporary double sided fireplace serving the dining room and the 2 storey glass fa├žade and void to the entrance hall. The project was undertaken with MWA Architects for the planning phase.

Our favourite feature here has to be the large format glass wall at the end of the hallway which has a different view every time you look enter the house.

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