Riverside House

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Type of Property - 5 Bedroom Detached Residence

Area - 4500sqFT

Contract Value - £1.3m

Client - Private Individual

Contractor - LS Builders

Date - 2020

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This project sits on a riverside setting overlooking greenbelt woodland. Having purchased the property with an existing planning permission for a Neo-Georgian style mansion, Concept Eight were appointed to adapt the design to better suit the family’s needs.
Through clever redesign of the interior layouts and a more creative approach to the rear façade, which seeks to enforce a connection to the landscape and views, the building has been transformed into a unique home for our clients. Effective coordination with our in-house interior designers has meant a holistic approach to the finishes and design throughout the property.

Internally the house has instant impact with views straight through to the river upon entrance. The double height void within the central hallway gives glimpse views to the sky and the feature stair leads to a gallery walkway and upper bedrooms. At the rear of the ground floor we created a large open plan space connecting a luxurious formal dining and living space, a large social kitchen and dedicated wine snug. All of these spaces use large sliding and corner opening glazing to connect to a new landscape deck. This was redesigned by us to create pockets of interest at different levels such as the water feature, sunken seating and outdoor kitchen dining area. On the upper floor we have a large master wing with covered terrace, guest suite and two children's bedroom including top floor mezzanine spaces with views out across the rear landscape & beyond.

The interior design concept has been developed throughout all major rooms of the house to form a consistent feel but still giving the spaces individual identity. The design takes inspiration from the architecture and lush green setting bringing in natural materials, a variety of textures and crafted feature elements. All of this is bolstered by the use of rich colours and a considered lighting scheme.

Concept 8 have undertaken this as a turnkey project with all aspects of the project including architecture, interior design, on site administration and sourcing of contractor and suppliers.


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