White Stones

  • Renovations


Type of Property - 6 Bedroom Family House

Area - 3,500sqFT

Contract Value - Classified

Client - Private Individual

Contractor - TBC

Date - 2020

A house for entertaining in.

The new classical house has been dramatically remodelled and modified to create a contemporary home with a new wing.

Our clients spend a lot of time in the Mediterranean and wanted to recreate island vibes in leafy Surrey. We went about undertaking a comprehensive remodel of the house to create dramatic double height spaces, a feature entrance and stair and bridge link to the master bedroom suite and a vaulted kitchen.

The redbrick has been limewashed to create a pale stoneline appearence, with new pale bricks to match.

We love the the dramatic double and vaulted heights to the key spaces creating a sense of scale throughout the key reception areas.


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