Slat House

  • Renovations


Type of Property - 6 BEDROOM DETACHED HOME

Area - 5,750 sqFT

Contract Value - £0.5m

Client - Private Individual

Contractor - LS Builders

Date - 2021

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Our clients were keen to update their kitchen and garden on their detached home. There was an existing conservatory which was too cold in winter and too warm in the summer and the low beam to the kitchen meant the level of light was poor to the kitchen and family room with the connection to the garden limited. Externally in the garden they had a covered firepit area which was poorly connected to the house with a large pond and rockery blocking the route.

Our brief was to enlarge and completely remodel the kitchen, open up the house to allow for better light and flow and better connect the family seating area to the kitchen and dining. We also looked at replacing the large pond and rockery and replace this with an outdoor swimming pool.

Internally our vision was to create a larger, brighter room which would house an enlarged kitchen. The room would allow for better views of the garden as well as wider framed views of the tall mature trees. The extension would be framed by 2 different seating zones, one fully covered which would house the external seating and dining area and on the other side a semi covered lounging seating area which would look onto the other side of the garden. The pond and rockery would be replaced and the area fully remodelled with a new outdoor pool, a sun deck and planting zone with a tiled sone connected to the covered firepit.

Internally we remodelled the utility room and reorientated the seating area so that it would now look towards the kitchen as well as towards a new joinery wall which would house the TV. We added a contemporary glass oriole window which would offer framed views onto the garden. Due to unusual angles of the house, we had to design these spaces to fit in neatly while working with the angles of the plot.

We incorporated slim framed sliding glass doors to allow for unobstructed views of the garden and beyond and we added a contemporary timber clad façade and roof as well as the signature overhanging slats to offer a softer material pallet and to sit comfortably with the existing timber frames of the existing house.

The result is a striking extension with a raked roof and covered seating areas with a completely reimagined garden to cater to the young family to make the most of their home.

Our favourite feature is the slats and timber structure which form strong architectural shadows on the façade. Our clients love their home and feel they are always on holiday when at home.


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