Red House

  • Renovations


Type of Property - 6 Bedroom Detached Residence

Area - 6000 sqFT

Contract Value - £900k

Client - Private Individual

Contractor - LS Builders

Date - 2022

Launch Video

Our international clients wanted something that was truly bespoke and reflected their way of living and really did not want their home to look like a stock developer’s home. We stripped off the poor extensions to the original house and then build 2 new wings around the original core while enhancing and remodelling the main house.

As this was a thin footprint, our big move was to relocate the stair to a new position away from the entrance hall at the junction where the house changed angles creating a double height space which connects the formal with the informal on the ground floor and a bridge link connecting the master with the rest of the bedrooms. The form of the project includes celebrating the original redbrick house that stands in the center with 2 new contemporary charred black timber extensions to either side. We added in 2 outdoor seating areas to either side connecting to the new landscaped garden. Features include a new covered outdoor living area complete with outdoor kitchen and a bifold window bar that serves the outside from the inside at the kitchen which creates an indoor / outdoor kitchen island. Other features includes a new formal entrance hall with structure less corners to create an elegant form as you approach the house.

The choice of charred black Shou Sugi Ban complements the distressed red brick of the original dwelling and this is enhanced by the introduction of crittal type glazing throughout.


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