Molesey Park Road

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Property - Contemporary Detached House

Type of Property - 4 Bedroom Detached Residence

Area - 3,750sqFT

Contract Value - £1.1m

Client - Private Client

Contractor - LS Builders

Date - 2023

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A contemporary 2 storey house with lots of natural light flooding the centre of the property.
We replaced an old unmodernized bungalow on the extensive plot.

Our clients had returned to the UK and were keen to have large open plan living areas as well as good connection to the garden. They were keen to make the bedrooms also large and spacious and we have introduced mezzanines to the 2no. children’s bedrooms.

The house design blends timber cladding, with slate cladding as well as plenty of slim frame glazing panels.

At the heart of the house is a 2-3 storey high glazed atrium housing the dining table with an angled bridge link over connecting the master bedroom to the rest of the house. This is filled with light throughout the day.

Externally there is an outdoor living area to the side of the house as well as a new timber clad summerhouse.


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