Lakeside House

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Area - Circa 3,500sqFT

Contract Value - £650,000.00

Client - Private Individual

Contractor - TBC

Date - 2019

The un-modernised house sits in an elevated location with commanding views onto greenbelt land and a private lake. However the original layout meant the views were not apparent nor celebrated with quite a dark internal feel. Our brief was to review the principle floors and make the house better connect with the garden and the outdoor swimming pool.

We radically opened up the entrance hall, created a more prominent entrance, and created framed views into the garden and lake from the moment you enter the house. We also relocated the principle living accommodation to the lower ground floor which connected directly to the garden and outdoor living.

Internally the architectural structural changes to the front entrance and rear glazing make all the difference, they enhance the internal space positively and create beautiful homely internal spaces. The house will now benefit from beautiful natural light throughout the day.

Our interior design for this space has influenced the way you experience the space. As you enter the home you are welcomed by a warm timber staircase with a feature slatted timber detail which cleverly forms part of the balustrade, the cantilever stairs along you views through to the rear garden which overlooks the river and some beautiful green sceneries. The timber slats help draw your eyes to the view as well as up into the double volume height which is always welcoming, while giving you an insight into the space below which opens out into a lovely entertaining kitchen/dining space and open plan living space. The use of natural timbers and rich colour choices has assisted in creating a cosy and welcoming space as well as the soft furnishing touches while incorporating some of their existing pre-loved pieces.

As you walk through the space and down the stairs the space opens out into a large open plan living space including a kitchen & dining space. As you enter the space you have a straight view out into the garden, river and green scenes, the natural light assisting in making the space feel warm and inviting. This space works well for this family home; offering all the essential living spaces with clear view of each other while serving the functional requirements of each for the family in which inhabit it. The use of light colours as well as clever use of mirror to enhance the garden views and bring the outside inside and natural light no matter the weather, the use of colour has been implemented in the soft furnishings rather than the walls so the space works timelessly with the family as it evolves with the family. The back to back seating allows cosy places for enjoying a cup of tea with a view of functionally to sit as a family and enjoy a movie. The kitchen is well positioned overlooking the living space and the garden allowing it to be functional and adapted for entertaining on a beautiful summers day as well as a cold winter evening in which it would be more intimate.

Our interior design team worked with the architectural decisions and enhanced there efforts internally which has given our clients the perfect family home to grow into.


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