Flint Walls

  • Renovations


Type of Property - 4 Bedroom Detached

Area - 2,500sqFT

Contract Value - Classified

Client - Private Individual

Contractor - Self Build

Date - 2019

This project sits on an elevated rural plot with commanding views of the Surrey countryside. Due to the plot being in the green belt a 4 stage planning strategy has been deployed, with the utilisation of permitted development and prior notification to establish a scheme larger than what would have been allowed under planning.

The original property on the plot was just over 1,000sqFT. We have now successfully obtained planning permission for a 2,500sqFT property which equates to an increase of 250%. This is 10 times more than the planners would normally allow in the greenbelt for an enlargement of a house. We have also agreed the change in aesthetics from white pebbledash to the use of timber and flint cladding as well as extensive glass.

The form of the house has been designed to make the most of the views and connect the outdoor pool with the main living areas.

Our favourite feature is the contemporary use of traditional materials such as flint walls and timber in this rural context.


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