• Renovations


Type of Property - 4 BEDROOM DETACHED HOME

Area - 2,750sqFT

Contract Value - Classified

Client - Private Individual

Contractor - Classified

Date - 2021

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This house sits on a wonderful plot overlooking greenbelt woodland. Our client; a keen cook was keen to make the most of the garden while ensuring the house had a layout suited to their needs.

We completely remodelled the ground floor and relocated the kitchen from the front of the house to the back to make the most of the amazing views of mature trees as well as allowing it to connect to the large garden. The moment you enter the house you are welcomed by a very large piece of glazing which neatly frames the views down the garden to a mature tree central to the plot. This also offers lots of light to flood into the hallway as well as gives a glimpses into the main reception spaces. We created a larger social room to the kitchen which would also house the dining table as well as a family seating area.

Externally we created an outdoor living area which would include a covered outdoor kitchen and dining. Also externally we have formed a seating area and a large concrete seating deck which seamlessly blends into an internal concrete sill.
Also internally we have created an enlarged formal drawing room complete with a new concrete fire place, as well as remodelled accommodation such as a larger utility room and boot room and a study, a contemporary stair leading to the upper floor where we undertook some re fitting of the bathrooms.

The extension has been designed to make the most of the views as well as offer a striking form to look at from the garden. The extension is clad in timber with extensive use of glass to connect the inside and the outside. We have used an up and over glazed slot to separate the new extension from the main body of the house, and the use of corner-less sliding doors that slide out infront of the brickwork allows the house to open up to the outside.

Our favourite feature is the covered outdoor area which allows our client to cook and be outside even in the wet and colder months, and the blend of glass, concrete and timber to create a very contemporary form.


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