Blade Pavilion

  • Renovations


Type of Property - 4 Bedroom Coach house

Area - 2,000sqFT

Contract Value - Classified

Client - Private Individual

Contractor - TBC

Date - 2020

A house with dual personalities, but unified functionality.

This greenbelt property original property dates back to 1905 and had not been updated since its construction. Tired and in need of an update the dwelling will be refurbished throughout and supplemented with large scale extensions providing a variety of living spaces more in line with modern living.

The front elevation maintains its traditional aesthetic with timber framed gables, white render and large overhangs whilst the rear elevation strives for a more contemporary approach. The angled rouge zinc roof of the rear extension frames internal views of the rear garden and separates the new ground floor extension from the main property. Clad with kebony timber the fa├žade will slowly fade from red to silver contrasting with the zinc roof.

An open plan ground floor layout features a kitchen, living space, study and garage whilst the upstairs benefits from a large master suite with a vaulted ceiling and triangular window. Maximising the height of glazing to the rear facade ensures unobstructed views and an abundance of natural light.

We love the the fact that from the front this is a humble period coach house and the design reveals itself as you move towards the rear.


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