Bickenhall Mansions

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Type of Property - 4 Bedroom Split Level double aspect apartment in mansion block

Area - 2,750sqFT

Contract Value - £0.5m

Client - Private Individual

Contractor - Gensons

Date - 2017

This property forms part of a large mansion block situated just off Baker Street. The property is a split level apartment with elevated views of the surrounding streets. The principle reception room with multiple bays overlooks the main street where as the family room with its southern aspect looks onto the private rear courtyard.

The property will completely renovated to provide a stylish yet practical family residence. The works incolved reconfiguring the kitchen and family room to allow for a better layout. With the use of fire doors and relocated services, we were able to locate the kitchen which can be opened up or closed off to both the main reception room and the family room. This allows it to be a family friendly space as well as having the ability to form a social kitchen off the reception room.

The kitchen itself has features such as the sliding illuminated splashbacks which allows us to hide everyday applicances when not needed, but which are easily accessible.

Use of sliding wall panels allows spaces to open and close. At the front we have a study and TV area which can be opened or closed off to the reception room. To the back of the property we have located the utility in a discreet cupboard which hides the washing machine and tumble dryer as well as a sink and storage areas.

The use of grey parquet flooring has unified all the main spaces at the upper level, and the use of understated white painted walls, we have allowed the apartment to be flooded with natural light from all angles.


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