Warn House

  • New Builds

Property - Detached new build contemporary home

Type of Property - 4 Bedroom Family Residence

Area - 2,300sqFT

Contract Value - N/A

Client - Private Client

Contractor - N/A

Date - 2021

The property is located on the edge of a housing development in Bicester. The site is adjacent to a nature reserve. An existing bungalow has been replaced with a 2 storey new build contemporary home which makes the most of the context.

The design has been developed to respond sensitively to the surrounding nature reserve, and is intended conceptually to be a timber-clad ‘treehouse’ nestled in the tree canopy. The proposed timber cladding will weather and evolve with time to further bed the house into its context.

The dwelling is split into two wings, one that sits over the footprint of the existing dwelling, while the other fans out towards the northern boundary. In doing so, the house opens up to the garden and addresses the full extent of the site. The two wings are connected by a glass slot that enables light to penetrate deep into the plan. In mass, the dwelling is conceived as a ‘tree house’ to reflect the natural surroundings. The cantilevered first floor is timber clad and appears to float in the tree canopy above a dark grey supporting ground floor. Each wing is finished with a split ‘butterfly’ roof, that further fragments the form and provides a varied and organic roof line.


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