Our Instagram feed hits 5,000 followers!

October 2020

We are delighted to have reached a big milestone on our Instagram feed. We have hit the big 5,000 followers! This platform has worked very well for us from and users seem to be very engaged in the breadth and range of our work.

We use the platform to provide followers our most up to date information on projects on site and at design stage and some inspiration photos as well as photos of the team on their day to day tasks but the primary focus is to showcase completed projects that we are proud of.

Every few days our followers are offered a new feed and from the likes and feedback we seem to have a lot of interest out there. Our strategy has been to grow the followers organically with genuine followers. We know of some firms taking shortcuts to bump up the number of followers, however our target is not the quantity of followers, instead focusing on quality of followers who are genuinely engaged in our work.

We get feedback on feeds and its a great sounding board for how our designs are received by the general public. Its also a great platform to reach out to a wider audience and the platform has been great as a business growth tool with new enquiries coming as a direct result of the platform. As a designer we must embrace technology and we are delighted that this platform is one that has worked very well for us and our followers.

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