Feature Stairs

August 2020

There is nothing better than a feature stair creating a wow factor the moment you enter a home. At Concept Eight we work hard to ensure that all our homes front hall sets the tone for the rest of the house, and the staircase often is something we look at enhancing.

Many of our projects have a large hallway to allow our clients to greet their guests. The horizontal and vertical circulation add to the home experience, and the stairs is the key element stitching the floors together.

This month we will showcase 10 of our feature stairs which we feel offer a glimpse into our projects and how the experience of our clients living in their homes are encapsulated by the stairs we have designed. The budget, design and configurations vary significantly but hopefully these demonstrate our ability to work with any space, style and budget.

We will start with one of recent projects, Ennesmore Mews, which is a facade retention new build mews house in Knightsbridge. At the centre is a 4 storey stair connecting the basement entertainment floor to the ground floor reception room and the 2 floors upstairs containing the bedrooms. The open tread corean clad stair is held up by structural glass with a backdrop of a back lit alabaster wall over 4 floors.

The 2nd project is Riverside house, a new build property which overlooks a river and greenbelt land. The off set open tread stair creates a frame to the views out to the back with glass balustrades to the cantilevered section and metal rods to the rear portion.

The 3rd project is Copperfield house, which is an extensvely renovated detached property. At the entrance there is a striking 2 storey atrium with a complex open tread steel and timber stair which winds its way up to the top floor.

The 4th project is Atrium house, which is a large new build mension which we have included a feature stair off to one side of the triple height atrium. This was a relatively low cost solution but still included a feature cantilever seat at the base.

The 5th project is Greensleeves house, which has a timber framed traditionally designed stair over 2 floors. What makes this unusual is the wine gallery under the stair to house the large collection owned by our clients.

The 6th project is Seaview House project where its all about the views out. Our stair has been desiged to sit on one side to complement this view with a blend of classical detailing to the handrails.

The 7th project is a development project which was a 5,000sqFT house in Surrey; High Beeches which has a lower budget high impact stair which was brought over by our contacts from Central Europe and put together in a few days! Who said stairs have to be a logistical headache.

The 8th project is a Belgravia mews house, this one is in Kinnerton Street. We introduced an open tread stair offering views through to the rear terrace. This was a cantilevered timber clad stair.

The 9th projec is another mews house in Belgravia where we introduced a stair spanning 4 floors which was off set from the back wall to allow natural light to enter the basement. This walnut and brushed steel stair was as beautiful when looked at from below as form above.

The 10th project was one of our very first projects, Westmead is a new build mansion where we introduced a 4 storey central staircase connecting the basement level leisure suite to the ground floor reception rooms, to the first floor master suite and then the top floor guest rooms.

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