Chris’s 5 year celebration and team go-karting for charity

May 2018

This month we celebrated Chris's 5 years working at the studio. The team went into London for the afternoon for drinks and a meal and ended it in style off Regents Road. The time has passed very quickly and Chris started with us as a very young assistant supporting the senior architects on day to day tasks, and now he is poised to run his own team, managing multiple projects. This makes 4 of the team at the studio serving 5 years and more, and hot on his heels we have Shane at 4 years and Daphnie at 3 years. A true graduate of Concept Eight's dedication to the furtherment of our team's own learning and carrer growth within the industry.

We also attended our 2nd year at the Cancer Charity go karting event, which took place the very next day. The team was made up of the Concept Eight ladies with some help. While we didnt make the podium, we did manage to complete the race in a respectable position bearing in mind there were a number of crashes as well as an overcrowded track. Families and other halves also attended which made it a very social event for the team. The charity managed to raise a record amount of funds for Cancer and we are very proud to have been a part of this event.

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