Gallery House gets planning approval

January 2019

We have finally obtained planning permission for our scheme Gallery House. After going around in circles with the planners, we have obtained planning permission for effectively the same scheme which was turned away at the first time of asking! We always felt that the decision was wrong and with some perseverance, we were able to get the decision overturned. Ironically the same case officer that had refused the scheme and as well as giving us a negative response at a further pre app, approved it with no comment in the case officers report. This demonstrates that often the first decision of the planners is not always the final one, and one should always try and persevere when needed.

With the clients behind us, a supported architect can be a powerful team to challenge the planners, and this proved to be the case on this instance.

We now look forward to developing this scheme out to the next stages and once built it will be a cracker of a scheme deploying a mixture of traditional and contemporary architecture.

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